Romanian Youth Forum

The Romanian Youth Forum (Forumul Tinerilor din România) is a new national youth platform representing 165 Romanian youth organizations (6 national and 159 local NGOs). Our goal is to empower, represent and support young people in Romania, as well as to ensure the active participation of young people in society.
The organization was established at the beginning of 2014, as a response to the need of having the youth voice heard towards decision-makers, local and national authorities, the business sector, social partners and the civil society. In this regard, our vision is to become a strong voice for young people, able to lobby and advocate for the needs and challenges of the youth sector in Romania.
The Forum is working on all youth issues concerning employment, education, non-formal learning, social inclusion, sports, volunteering, civic participation and health.
The 5 main thematic areas we are focusing on, at the moment, are: Structured Dialogue with Young People, Employment & Entrepreneurship, Education, Tourism and Sports & Healthy Life. These 5 thematic areas are being tackled through various projects such as: the Annual Romanian Youth Congress, “Decide for YOUth/YOUng People” Campaign (inspired by the League of Young Voters and Rock the Vote campaigns), Non-formal Education for Youth, Youth HUB - a social enterprise designated for young entrepreneurs, Structured Dialogue Caravan or the Network of Adolescents’ Initiatives – funded by UNICEF Romania.
One of our main objectives is the elaboration of recommendations regarding the public policies which concern and influence the youth sector. In order to fulfill this objective we have decided to create a Poll of Experts, with solid background in topics such as education, labor, tourism, foreign affairs, social dialogue, industry, economics, finance, EU Funding. These experts are also the Forum’s representatives in the Consultative Councils/Working Groups/Civic Dialogue Commissions of Romanian Ministries.
At the same time, one of our Vice-presidents is representing the Romanian Youth Forum as member of Romanian Social and Economic Council, the consultative body of the Parliament and the Government in areas established by its own law of founding, organization and functioning. The Economic and Social Council is an autonomous tripartite public institution of national interest, set up for the purpose of achieving the dialogue between employers, trade unions and the civil society, and building a climate of stability and social peace.
The Romanian Youth Forum is working directly with the Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly, Ministry of EU Funds, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Finance, Ministry of SMEs and Business Environment. We have also established different partnerships and cooperation with the National Trade Union, Romanian Federation of Young Entrepreneurs, CENTRAS (The Assistance Center for Nongovernmental Organizations) and other relevant social and civic actors.
We had a significant contribution through our experts in designing the Romanian National Youth Strategy and its Working-Plans and since March 2014 we are part of the Consultative Council on Youth Issues at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In July we have been selected to be part of the National Working Group for the Structured Dialogue with Young People for the next cycle. We also had representatives participating at the European Youth Conference in Thessaloniki, Rome, Luxembourg, at the Youth Work Convention, at the World Youth Conference in Colombo – Sri Lanka, at the Black Sea Youth Cooperation Meeting in Sofia and Varna – Bulgaria, at the World Forum of Democracy in Strasbourg and at Doha GOALS as Youth Ambassadors, in Qatar.
We have become strategic partners of the UN Youth Delegate Program and we established partnerships with Child and Youth Finance International. Many of the former Romanian UN Youth Delegates are currently working within the Forum.
The Romanian Youth Forum is organized as a federation with open membership for NGOs from all regions and backgrounds in Romania and together we aim to put youth on the top of public agenda.